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Lahonduru Buton Beach, a heaven-like tourist destination in Southeast Sulawesi

GridGroupLahonduru Buton Beach is one of the vacation destinations that is suitable for visiting with family.The location is in Wasuemba Village, Wabula District, Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi.

This tourist destination is still very beautiful, considering that not many tourists have visited Lahonduru Buton Beach. Even though this beach tourist destination has the charm of white sand that is extraordinarily beautiful.

In addition, there are several diving spots that allow divers to find a paradise of diverse marine life there. The giant pool that is created naturally around Lahonduru Buton Beach is also a magnet for anyone who visits here.

For those of you who happen to be in Southeast Sulawesi, visiting Lahonduru Buton Beach for vacation is the right choice. In the following, we will review the extraordinary appeal of Lahonduru Buton Beach.

Here are the attractions of Lahonduru Buton Beach that are ready to spoil tourists on vacation.

Lahonduru Buton Beach

1. The beauty of white sand surrounded by lush coconut trees

If you visit Lahonduru Buton Beach, you can enjoy the natural scenery in the form of white sand that covers all parts of the island. Seen from a distance, the combination of white and green from the coconut trees will create an exotic combination on the beach.

The soft white sand that is owned by this beach tourist destination is also suitable as a place to refresh and relieve fatigue. Here, you can play around the beach while enjoying the cool breeze.

2. Small conch on the coast

On the coast, it is generally rare to find small snails. However, at Lahonduru Buton Beach, tourists can see thousands of snails that inhabit the coast, which usually appear at low tide.

This shows that the natural conditions around Lahonduru Buton Beach are still very beautiful. Visitors should not take the snails in order to preserve Southeast Sulawesi's nature.

3. Ring Bridge

Another attraction that this beach tourist destination has is the very iconic Ring Bridge.

The Lahonduru Beach Boardwalk Bridge is perfect as a photo spot to capture holiday moments with family.

4. Charming Diving Spots

For those of you who like diving, diving spots are also provided so that visitors can see directly the diversity of marine life in the Lahonduru Buton Beach area.

That said, in the Lahonduru Beach area, there are still ancient fish. To protect the preservation of marine biota, the local community prohibits fishing activities.

Those are some of the attractions that Lahonduru Buton Beach has.

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