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Curug Betung Banten, a Waterfall Tourism Destination with Natural Enchantment that is Still Beautiful and Exotic

GridGroupCurug Betung Banten is one of Banten's tourist attractions that still maintains its beauty. This tourist destination in Banten is quite popular with tourists because it presents an exotic panoramic beauty.

In contrast to waterfall attractions in general, Curug Betung is not too high, at only about 2 meters.

However, the current of the Curug Betung Banten waterfall is quite heavy, so visiting tourists must be careful. The flow of tourists at this Banten tourist attraction will be even heavier when the rainy season arrives.

For those of you who are interested in visiting this Banten tourist attraction, here is a complete review of the attractiveness of Curug Betung and the entrance ticket.

Curug Betung Banten

Curug Betung Banten attractions and tourism activities

Not only presenting natural scenery that is still beautiful, Curug Betung Banten has many natural-themed photo spots. So this tourist destination in Banten is suitable for those seeking Instagram-worthy photos.

To visit Curug Betung Banten, tourists must pass a footpath to get to the tourist site. The distance between the housing of the surrounding residents and Curug Betung is about 1 kilometer.

Even though it is far away, all the tiredness on the way will pay off when you arrive at this Banten tourist attraction. In addition, the scenery around the location is surrounded by green trees, so the air still feels clean.

When approaching Curug Betung Banten, you will hear the sound of a waterfall from a distance. The sounds of birds in the tourist area will accompany holiday activities here.

Visitors can spend their vacation time relaxing under the gazebo surrounding the tourist attraction.In addition, there are stalls and traders selling food to tourists.

In addition, tourists are also allowed to play on the outskirts of Curug Betung Banten. However, swimming is not permitted because the waterfall current is quite dangerous.

Therefore, always comply with the security protocols implemented by the tour manager so that unwanted incidents do not occur.

Tourism Services in Curug Betung, Banten

Some of the tourist facilities available at Curug Betun Banten are as follows:

  • vehicle parking area
  • gazebos
  • Islamic Prayer Room
  • bathroom

Betung Banten Waterfall Entrance Ticket Prices

Curug Betung Banten is open 24 hours a day. To visit this tourist destination in Banten, visitors are charged a tariff of around IDR 5,000 per person.

As for vehicle parking fees, the general price is IDR 2,000.00 (for motorcycles) and IDR 10,000.00 (for cars). The levy fee is paid at the homes of local residents where you leave your vehicle.

Thus, a brief overview of Curug Betung Banten, a tourist destination in Banten that is worth visiting during your vacation. may be useful.

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