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Why Cats Like to Sleep at Our Feet? This is the Reason

GridGroup -  Why do cats like to sleep at our feet? This is because generally pet cats suddenly come to us and then sleep at our feet.

For cat lovers, this has become a very pleasant habit. Our beloved cat suddenly rubs its body and then chooses to sleep at our feet.

Then what causes this to happen? Here we will provide an explanation.

Why Cats Like to Sleep at Our Feet

Reasons Why Cats Like to Sleep at Our Feet

Even though each cat has different characteristics from one another, it's not uncommon for them to have the same unique habits. One of them is to choose to sleep at our feet compared to their warm bed.

Some of the reasons why cats like to sleep at our feet are as follows:

1. Protect Yourself

For information, cats are animals that are always alert to the environmental conditions around them. When they fall asleep, cats actually stay alert and monitor the conditions around them through their sense of hearing.

But when cats really want to sleep, they will find the safest and most comfortable place to sleep.

For domestic cats, the safest place is around their owner. So don't be surprised if your cat suddenly sleeps on any part of your body, from your feet, chest, to your stomach.

This proves that the cat is in the mood to sleep and is seeking protection from you.

2. Rest in a Warm Place

The next reason why cats like to sleep at our feet is because they are looking for a warm place.

Like humans, cats also need a warm place to rest comfortably. So it's not uncommon for your cat to suddenly sleep between your legs for warmth.

3. Cats See You as a Special Person

If you have more than 2 cats, they may be fighting for your attention. There are many ways that cats usually do to get their owner's attention. One example is by rubbing their body against your body.

Instinctively, cats want to show that you are someone special and to them.

Launching from the Excited Cats page, cats who like to sleep at human feet indicate that they want to establish a strong bond with their employer. This is because cats will not approach humans and pay more attention when they don't know the person.

There are several reasons why cats like to sleep at our feet. Hopefully this brief information is useful for you.

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