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Mount Pinang Serang, a Tourist Destination in Banten that is being Hits to Fill Holiday Time

GridGroupMount Pinang Serang is one of Banten's tourist attractions which is suitable as a holiday destination. This tour is located in Pejaten Village, Kramatwatu District, Serang Regency, Banten.

As the name suggests, Mount Pinang Serang offers the beauty of the natural charm of the mountains which are still beautiful and well maintained. In addition, the tourist rides offered are quite diverse.

For information, this tourist destination in Banten will be inaugurated in 2022. The management hopes that Mount Pinang Serang will become a tourist attraction that has attractiveness so that various game rides will be applied here.

It's no wonder that Mount Pinang Serang is now a Banten tourist attraction which hits both young people and adults.

So besides being able to enjoy the natural scenery, tourists can also try various games on Mount Pinang Serang. In other words, this Banten tourist attraction is very suitable as a destination for a vacation with family, co-workers or partners.

Intrigued by the enchanting beauty of this tourist destination in Banten? The following is a review of the attractiveness of Mount Pinang Serang and the price of the entry ticket.

Mount Pinang Serang

The attraction of Mount Pinang Serang

As previously explained, this Banten tourist attraction carries a typical mountain natural charm. The height of Mount Pinang Serang is around 217 meters above sea level, so it's easy for anyone to reach.

From the top of Mount Pinang, tourists can see the nature that surrounds Serang and Cilegon. All of that can be seen through a trekking trip for 30 minutes by passing the trail.

On the way to the top of Mount Pinang Serang, tourists will not feel tired because the air around is still clean and cool. On the right and left of the road overgrown with pine trees which are increasingly perfect with the strains of wild birds chirping.

Uniquely, along the trail for trekking, there are several rest areas with unique shapes. An example is umbrellas of various colors which are suitable as instagramable photo spots.

When arriving at the Mount Pinang Serang location, tourists will also be shown various spots to capture holiday moments. Among them are photo spots with hot air balloons as a background, slanted houses, hobbit houses, sky bridges, and many more.

Camping at Mount Pinang Tourism Serang Banten

Apart from the attractions above, Mount Pinang Serang can also be used as an area for camping. Usually when weekends or long holidays arrive, the camp ground will be crowded with visitors who want to enjoy the natural beauty around this Banten tourist attraction by camping.

Spot camping is also quite spacious and comfortable. One of the things offered by camping on Mount Pinang Serang is the view of the sunrise from the top of the mountain.

Tourism Facilities at Mount Pinang Serang

As a well-managed tourist destination in Banten, the facilities available at Mount Pinang Serang are quite complete. Among others are:

  • Vehicle parking area
  • Gazebo and rest area
  • Public bathroom
  • Islamic Prayer Room
  • Camping equipment rental
  • Food stalls

Mount Pinang Serang Entrance Ticket Prices

This Banten tourist attraction is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm. The ticket price for entering Mount Pinang Serang is IDR 20,000/person.

With this fee, tourists can enjoy all the tourist rides. However, the entry price can change at any time depending on the policy of the tour manager.

While the fee for vehicle fees is IDR 5,000.00 (motorcycles) and IDR 10,000.00 (cars).

This is information about Mount Pinang Serang as one of the tourist destinations in Banten which is suitable as a weekend holiday destination. Hope it is useful.

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